Attention Builders – Requirements for Building Permit


  1. Scale not less that 1 inch = 20 feet. If your property is larger than 400 ft. in either direction, use break lines to indicate that line is not to scale. If you do not understand this, ask for an example. If the building is being placed on acreage of more than ten acres, ask the Planning Administrator to define a smaller area.
  2. Show dimensions of all property lines and distances to proposed and existing structures.
  3. Give location of proposed building and existing structures.
  4. Show location of septic system, drain fields and well.
  5. Give distances between structures and well, septic systems and drain field.
  6. Show natural features such as rivers, springs, streams, rock outcroppings and slopes over 20% grade.
  7. Show where driveway connects to road or street.
  8. Provide the name of the public road which the driveway accesses.
  9. Show any easement across the property, such as access or utilities.
  10. Include a north arrow to indicate direction.
  11. If in a platted subdivision, provide subdivision name and lot on the site plan, and subdivision map or plot plan.
  12. If not in a platted subdivision, provide a copy of the approved Record of Survey which created the lot, and record of ownership.
  13. If property is located on 10% or greater slope, you will be asked to provide engineered plan for retention of storm water runoff.
  14. Any site-built house, addition or outbuilding MUST also have a complete set of plans.

The above requirements are not new policy, but simply a restatement of the requirements in the zoning ordinances. The Building Administrator will check setbacks, so please Stake your property lines.

Building Administrator 
Planning and Zoning Department

127 Idaho Street
American Falls, Id 83211
Phone: (208) 226-7625