Agenda – July 12, 2010


9:00 a.m.:                         Approval of Commissioner Minutes for June 2010

9:30 a.m.:                         John Roberts – IdeaCom ECSI
                                                    Telephone System Upgrade (Courthouse Security)

10:00 a.m.:                       Brian Fahey – Power County Airport Board
                                                    Airport/County Road – Security Gate

10:30 a.m.:                       Di Jones – Power County Ambulance District
                                                    Tort Claim/Workman’s Comp Claim

11:00 a.m.:                       Curtis Munk – Power County Weed Department Supervisor
                                                    Surplus County Vehicle – Bid Opening

11:30 a.m.:                      Alcohol Beverage Licenses (Idaho Code §23-903)

12:00 p.m. (noon):          Lunch

1:00 p.m.:                        Power County Board of Equalization (Idaho Code §63-501)
                                                    Power County Assessor – Rural Subdivision/Agricultural Values
                                                    General Mills – Appeal of Valuation (1:00 p.m.) – TELEPHONE HEARING
                                                    Michael Reas – Appeal of Valuation (1:30 p.m.)
                                                    Premier Properties – Appeal of Valuation (1:45 p.m.)
                                                    Bob Knudsen – Appeal of Valuation (2:00 p.m.)
                                                    Tyler Moore, AMS – Request for Cancellation of Taxes (2:15 p.m.)

2:30 p.m.:                      Linda Annen and Jennifer Rupp – Power County Indigent Services
                                                   Indigent Medical Applications

3:00 p.m.:                     Claims

3:30 p.m.:                     Jim Jeffries – Power County Sheriff
                                      Kris Turner – Power County Dispatcher
                                                 Power County Resolution #2010-11 (Reduction in Workforce)
                                                 Power County Resolution #2010-10 (Transfer Ownership of K-9 Officer)

4:00 p.m.:                     F. Randall Kline – Power County Prosecuting Attorney
                                                 Gerald Fehringer Youth Center – Lease Agreement (Expires 09/30/10)
                                                 Power County Public Defender – Contract (Expires 09/30/10)
                                                 Power County Conflict Public Defender – Contract (Expires 09/30/10)
                                                 Am. Falls Rural Fire District – Extrication Agreement (Expires 09/30/10)
                                                 Stan Bearup – Airport Rental Agreement (Expires 09/30/10)
                                                 Doctors Clinic – Dr. Dean Williams Lease Agreement (Expires 09/30/10)
                                                 Power County Ambulance District – Entrada Contract (Expires 09/30/10)
                                                 Power County Adult Misdemeanor Probation – Services Agreement (Expires 09/30/10)
                                                 Power County Transfer Station/Landfill – IDS Contract for Services (Expired 09/30/09)
                                                 Lance Funk d/b/a Pleasant Valley Aviation – Airport Lease/Payments

4:30 p.m.:                   Christine Steinlicht – Power County Clerk
                                                 Clerk’s Fiscal Year 2011 Proposed Budget (Idaho Code §31-1603)

Executive Session (Idaho Code §67-2345)
Power County Planning & Zoning Attorney – Contract for Services (Expires 09/30/10)
Idaho Department of Commerce – Great Rift Business Development (Memorandum of Understanding)
Utility Transmission Lines – Joint Memorandum of Understanding (Power/Bingham/Cassia)
Idaho Department of Energy – ECCBG Grant