Agenda – November 22, 2010


9:00 a.m.:             F. Randall Kline – Power County Prosecuting Attorney
                                                Paps Mountain – Access & Easement Agreement (Scherer)
                                                Mental Health Protective Custody – Evaluations (Joyce Carson)

9:30 a.m.:             Sandy Sorrell – Southeastern District Health Department
                                                Quarterly Report (Power County)

10:00 a.m.:           Charles Clark & Brandi Young – Deaton & Company, Chartered
                                                Fiscal Year 2010 Audit

11:00 a.m.:           Deanna Curry – Power County Treasurer
                                                Monthly Report (Idaho Code §31-2113)
                                                Treasurers Sale (Tax Deeds)
                                                Power County Investments – Bank CDs

11:30 a.m.:           Di Jones – Power County Disaster Services
                                                Homeland Security Grants – Quarterly Report

12:00 p.m. ( noon):           Lunch

1:30 p.m.:             Board of Equalization (Idaho Code §63-501)
                                                Request for Tax Cancellation – Barry Williams
                                                Request for Hardship Exemption – Phyllis Mingus

2:00 p.m.:             Claims

2:30 p.m.:             Linda Annen – Power County Indigent Services
                                                Medical Applications

3:00 p.m.:             Jim Jeffries – Power County Sheriff
                                                Marine Patrol Grant
                                                Family Service Alliance (Women’s Advocate)

3:30 p.m.:             Lance Funk d/b/a Pleasant Valley Aviation
                                                Delinquent Taxes

Executive Session (Idaho Code §67-2345)
County Christmas Party
Table Mountain Repeater Site
Power County Landfill – EPA Monitoring (Cascade Earth Sciences)
Power County Employee Medical Benefit Plan
ICRMP – Board of Trustees Ballots
Power/Cassia Snowmobile Advisory Board – By-laws
Power County Planning & Zoning – Ordinance to Amend Title 10, Chapter 20-2:F (Turbine Noise)
Commissioner Agenda (December)
Power County Airport – Resolution #2010-18 (ITD/Division of Aeronautics Grant)
Utility Transmission Corridor – Idaho Power/Borah Substation
Utility Transmission Corridor – Power County Citizens Task Force (Eminent Domain Legislation)