Juvenile Probation Department

Chief Probation Officer

Britney Herrgesell – Power County Juvenile Probation Office
Email: bherrgesell@co.power.id.us 
Office Phone: 208-226-2522
Fax: 208-226-7612

Probation Contacts

Job Purpose

Carry out the Juvenile probation policies and directions set out in the magistrate Court and utilize the resources of the County with the intention of assisting Juveniles and their families to become successful members of the community.

As Department Head of the Power County Juvenile Probation Department, as well as supervising the Power County Juvenile Probation caseload my duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • To insure compliance with conditions of probation and to bring violators before the court.
  • Perform home visits, random drug testing, enforce restitution, locate and assign programs/counseling etc., and monitor attendance and compliance.
  • File appropriate paperwork with the court.
  • Work with schools/law enforcement and other collateral agencies (local and state) to assist juvenile probationers in becoming successful within the community.
  • Protect society/hold offenders accountable/assist offenders in competency development
  • Additionally a department head is responsible for budget/Grant writing and reporting/supervising probation department personnel and Juvenile Court Services programs.