Power County Today and the Future

Power County was aptly named.  As far back as 100 years ago people recognized the potential. Interstate 86 is the major arterial through the county and state highways 37 and 39 serve as minor arterials. Power County is the crossroads for the western transmission corridor, the north-south gas, oil and natural gas pipeline and holds the Union Pacific Railroads’ mainline to the west coast. The county has 3 separate fiber-optic lines going both north-south and east-west. Power County has been designated as one of the three best areas of the state for wind power generation.

Young Family in Power CountyTraditionally, Power County has been home to industrial energy and product production as well as agricultural food processing. Power County is home to the ConAgra Foods potato processing plant, the J.R. Simplot Company fertilizer plant as well as Idaho Power’s electrical generation facility.

Small business also finds our county an attractive place to locate. We are home to the locally owned manufacturing plants Thunderbird Irrigation, AMS and Bully Dog Technologies. The county is also home to Direct Communications, a modern fiber-optic communication company providing connectivity to rural areas of southeast Idaho and eastern Oregon.

In a 1908 circa photo, Power County and American Falls claim to be “The Power City of Idaho.” One hundred years later, Power County is still fulfilling that role.

If you are looking for a progressive community that still maintains the western lifestyle, where people care about their neighbors, there is no better place to live than Power County.

To view some of our county watch the Virtual Tour video or visit the http://powercounty.us/power-county-video-tour-and-photo-gallery/photo-gallery/.